• What We Do

    Professional delivery, whilst controlling costs

    Agile, Scrum, XP, DSDM

    Project Management

    Agile or Waterfall?

    We have experience in implementing Agile teams, which if done correctly can significantly reduce costs and speed up development.

    Control is still in place using P.A.C.E. (Projects in an Agile controlled environment)

    We also have a great deal of experience in other popular methodologies.

    Six Sigma, proecess improvement

    Process Improvement

    Six Sigma.

    We interrogate your business processes, with a 'drains up' method. We look to re-engineer them to be in synergy with new systems.

    A common and costly mistake is to develop a systems to work with current business processes. We turn this round and only suggest system changes where absolutely necessary.

    Business Analysis BA

    Business Analysis

    Holistic view of People, Systems and Processes.

    Gathering system requirements requires a holistic view of your entire business. We will do this for you and ensure the most efficient recommendations, once we have the 'big picture'.

    Change Management, Business Transformation

    Change Management and Business Transformation

    Change is People, not just systems and processes.

    It is about hearts and minds, without these on board, change will not be successful. We put people at the heart of what we do.